Wadi Al-Rayyan

Wadi Al-Rayyan

Wadi Al-RayyanThat valley that runs in the Jordan Valley The fascinating Wadi Al-Rayyan journey starts from two clear water springs:

  • Ain Al-Tanour
  • A white eye

Which are located in the village of Arjan and the source of feeding these eyes is the heights of Abyan and rock, which accumulate snow in the winter, as this snow is feeding the groundwater flowing into the slopes of the mountains in the town of Arjan This water runs in a natural depression towards the lands of Jedta in the Koura brigade until the northern Jordan Valley reaches the Shariah.

The valley pours water springs on both sides of the valley, as well as the flow of water to the spring of Zakia in the town of Halawa, and the intermittent flow of the valley of Rasun. Do you see that art painting with its charm!!

We have not finished describing Wadi Al-Rayyan after !!

The water of this valley is very abundant. During the winter, all the waters of the valleys coming from the surrounding mountains are gathered, which multiplies its prosperity.

The economic advantages of the collective work in the digging of channels running in parallel in the course of the valley to their land, where they planted these lands with various fruit trees such as figs and pomegranates, and these orchards interspersed with olive trees Roumi age.

In the past, water-based mills were established as a driving force for grinding grains, and the remains of these mills are still present in the Haddiyah mill, the Darwishyah mills, the Sheikhieh mills in Arjan and the Odeh mills in the territory of Jedta town.


The tourist value of Wadi Al-Rayyan: it has increased in these days. These flowering orchards became a place for hikers from inside and outside Jordan during the summer, especially after the tourist offices adopted eco-tourism routes.

Population composition of Wadi Al-Rayyan in Ajloun: The original inhabitants of Wadi Al-Rayyan are different families and clans of different races and races, some of them Bedouins, including the peasants, joining together as if you see one family.

The name: Wadi Al-Yayyis was known for its ancient name. It was said that King Abdullah Bin Al Hussein during his term of office visited the valley, which changed from Wadi Al-Yabis to Wadi Al-Rayyan, because of its natural and green beauty. Wadi al-Rayyan is a place where there is a great amount of comfort in the embrace of nature. It is meant to satisfy the viewer with the vistas of greenery and the singing of water tables.

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