Is not Switzerland the perfect country in everything?

In accuracy, discipline, landscape, abundant water, abundant terrain and weather comfort?

Is not this the picture they are trying to market to you about this country ?! Yes, it’s the real picture!

One of the countries in the heart of Europe. It is a country of many cultures and languages, in addition to its beauty, scenic views, mountains and rivers that attract many visitors.

History of Switzerland

General Information about Switzerland

The Union of the Regions of Schweitz, Unterwalden and Ore in 1291 formed the state of Switzerland, which gained independence from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499. Switzerland is a country that has followed the neutral policy system since 1515, This neutrality during World War I and II, and accordingly became Geneva in 1919 as the headquarters of the League of Nations, and through it was issued in 1949 the Geneva International Convention, to protect civilians during war.

Switzerland is strategically located in the south-eastern part of Europe. It shares its borders with many European countries. It is north of Germany and west of France, east of Austria and Liechtenstein and south of Italy. On the Jura mountain range and on part of the Alps. The capital of Switzerland is Berne, although its largest city is Zurich. Switzerland has a total area of ​​41,290,000 km².

The Swiss climate is divided by the geographical nature of the country into two parts, where the moderate Mediterranean climate prevails in the southern part, and the wet ocean climate in the north, usually rains throughout the year, increases significantly during the winter and snow heavily on mountains and highlands, So that the peaks of the high mountains remain covered with snow all year round.

Switzerland is a developed country with a very high per capita income because of the diversity of economic activities in the country, where 4% of the population practices agriculture, making it a rich country that produces 50% of its agricultural needs. Switzerland is also famous for its dairy industry In large quantities, although there is no mineral wealth in the country, it is rich in electric power generated from waterfalls, and is characterized by chemical industries, medical and electrical tools, and relies heavily on tourism.

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