Rummanah Camp

Rummanah Camp in Dana Reserve

The Ecological Tourism and Arab Hospitality Region, Dana Nature Reserve was established in 1989 and is one of the largest nature reserves in Jordan in the province of Tafileh, with over 300 square kilometers of beautiful scenery and winding terrain facing the pit of destruction.


The protected area is located on the slopes of a number of mountains from the Qadisiyah area, which rises more than 1500 meters from the sea and goes down to the Wadi Araba plains.


When we talk about Dana we talk about the magic of mountain nature lit by the light of solar energy.


Is it conceivable that the incident of this woman is a reality?



Do not rush the answer ?! It was told in the past that a Jordanian woman who lived in Tafila governorate sat on the top of a high mountain after she was tired of grazing her sheep. It happened that her mother came to her – certain foods or drinks because of her pregnancy – and then she craved pomegranate. Of fruit ??! All the trees in this area are forested. What is the hardest demand?


But the will of God, who ridiculed the pomegranate to fall from the top of the mountain to settle next to the lady to whom she rejoiced so much, told her husband to deny it and after confirming the order, the mountain climber went to find the surprise at the top of this mountain

From here came the name of Rummanah Mount

* Adventure camp Rummanh: Maroon feel that they are in the arms of nature and picturesque between its neighbors are familiar with their love for this place overwhelmed by comfort and belonging.

Dana is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world, and its calmness and the view of its high mountains, which breathe like humans !!



!!What is the purest air

There is a camp where you can see the deer from around you. After about 20 minutes you have reached your destination, where you find on flat sandy land scattered with tents and a large tent for more than 60 people. The tents are equipped for a night in the lap of this reserve. Staff, cooks and assistants, and the camp does not host more than 50 visitors a day.


* Of course for food in Dana and exclusive in the camp Rummanh taste beyond description, the kitchen is characterized by the processing of many popular dishes.


Not only is it possible to stay in Rummanah camp to spend time enjoying the charm of nature and walking through the pedestrian corridors to explore the charm of the nature of Jordan, but also to explore the different paths of the earth


You will also see a variety of reptiles and wildlife.


* There is where nature will find (a shop of nature) that contains many herbs, natural products, oil and soap .

Do not forget to visit this shop when you come to Dhana where you will find more than what I told you about.


* The magic of stars and night in the camp grenade: There will be no matter what we spoke to describe the landscape and give it his right, there especially when the curtain of the night will see the most beautiful evening paintings on the face of the earth that stars glittering on a black floor created by the Creator Almighty.


It is no wonder to lie on a mountain edge and draw your eyes up to relax your mind and soul.


And the tones of absolute nature vibrate and the mountains tremble and the space swells.


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