Ma’in Baths



Ma’in Baths the Miracle of Allah on Jordanian Earth, wonders of nature and divine treatment.


Did you know these wonderful waterfalls?

Have you ever enjoyed its hot water ?!


It is It is Ma’in, which resembles a large hospital of natural formation, which is frequented by visitors from all over the world for walks and treatments.

Ma’in is are locat

Ma'in Baths
Ma’in Baths

ed in the south of the Jordanian city of Amman, about 58 kilometers away. These bathrooms are located in Madaba Governorate. The baths are described as “Madaba”.

This governorate is famous for its many springs, which number about sixty three baths. These springs differ in temperature despite their similarity in the chemical composition, and the temperature in some of these springs to about 63 ° C, which resembles a large hospital of natural formation, which is frequented by visitors from all over the world for walks and treatments.



Tourist Attractions in Ma’in Baths:
Ma’in Hotel is located near Ma’in Spa, with a capacity of 97 hotel rooms, three large meeting rooms, a number of natural pools within the resort grounds, sauna rooms, public swimming pools and restaurants overlooking the Maayan Falls and its mountains.

The resort also has an integrated therapeutic health center that offers visitors from all over the world a therapeutic swimming pool and massages at the hands of specialists.


Description of Ma’in Baths:
Ma’in Baths are one of the most attractive places for tourists throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The reason for this is the view of the tall and dark mountains of the hot water coming from the summit of Mount Basalti, which contains rock and water. It is worth noting that this water completes its journey towards the Mujib reserve towards the Dead Sea through the passage through the mountains of Maen and the Zara region known for its hot water.

Medical Tourism in Ma’in Baths:
There is a lot of medical tourism in Ma’in, especially in the winter. The reason for this is the warm climate of the region, especially in the Jordan Valley and the high mountain areas, where thousands of tourists guide each year.



Ask yourself about the secret!?
This is due to the belief that this hot water can cure chronic and intractable diseases, such as skin diseases, blood circulation, bone and joint pain, endocrine secretion, chronic sinusitis, back pain, muscle and other diseases.

This is because water contains many important elements such as sodium, calcium, chloride, radon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and high temperature.



How to treat the water of Ma’in Baths:
The ways in which this water is used for healing can be taken by showering or using bubble baths, jacuzzi baths, water beds, and foot baths, as well as treatment through inhalation of hot mineral water vapor which contributes to the elimination of chest diseases.

In smokers, and there is a special section in these baths for mud treatment taken from the Dead Sea.

It is indeed a wonder of nature that we are proud of being in our country within the series of beauty that was in the country of Jordan and peace.

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