Fathiye Island


Fathiye Island
Fathiye Island

Fathiye Island in Turkey

Fathiye is a coastal city of the ancient cities of Turkey, and is a nation of the Aegean region that loses its life and consciousness. The most important characteristic of Fathiye is located on the ruins of Tlemisos, an ancient city of Ottoman Uyghbashi Fathi, First, his plane crashed over the Golan, and his longest name on the city in honor of his sacrifice.

Nature on Fathiye Island

One of the most beautiful sites of the city is the Dead Sea Bay. The shores of the Dead Sea are three kilometers long, and its beaches have been chosen as the most beautiful sand beaches in the world because of the gradation of water colors near the shore. The Dead Sea because of its calm and purity, and legends say it was named because of the sinking of a young man, which prompted his beloved (Bilde Keys) to throw herself after the sea embrace together.

Tourist areas

 The most important monuments of the Ionian era are the palace and the temple of King Amintas. It is characterized by beauty and precision. The tombs carved in the stones are among the most beautiful remains of the 4th century BC. It is believed that the cavalry John built the castle for war purposes, and the village of the rocks seven kilometers behind the castle, the village was inhabited by the ancient Roman Anatolia, and then abandoned to become the city of ghosts, has been converted now a tourist destination.

Sport and leisure activities in Fathiye

The activities in Fathiye can be varied according to their geographical nature. Walking, diving, mountaineering, swimming can be enjoyed, and you can enjoy its natural scenery and see the history of the city by visiting its ruins. , And the activities that can be done when visiting the city of Fathiye include:

The boat trip: Every visitor to Fethiye is required to take a cruise on one of the two-storey boats on the beach, where the boat takes passengers on a tour known to the Mediterranean Sea. The trip usually starts at 10 am and continues until evening, Singing, and sitting in the basement to enjoy the view of the sea life by the glass boat.

Marine Activities: The beaches of Fethiye are one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. There are Calais and Oludeniz beaches which are considered the wonders of the world and enjoy the view of clean water, or swimming, or doing water sports of all kinds, as the water of this region warm in summer and winter. Parachuting can be done on Oludeniz beach.

Walking: Many tourists in Fathiye walk a distance of 500 kilometers across its shores to Antalya, where they can explore the Mediterranean and see many Roman ruins.

Umbrellas: Fathiye can be explored from the top by umbrellas, which are popular sports for residents and visitors of the city, and those who have the sense of adventure can experience umbrellas to enjoy the landscape from another angle.

Visit the popular market: It is held every Tuesday, and this market contains many Turkish products such as clothes, food, souvenirs. Turkish foods can also be consumed in the market and integrate with the Turkish people to exchange cultures.

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