Tourism in Ankara

The city of Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is one of Turkey’s most diverse tourist destinations. It has many historical sites, such as museums and entertainment, such as beautiful parks and interesting markets. You can spend fun and entertainment with your family and friends.

 The capital of Turkey since October 23, 1932. It is the second largest city after Istanbul, located in the center of the country. It is home to political and diplomatic activity, an important industrial and commercial center, and provides a clear picture of modern Turkey.

After being declared the capital of Turkey, Ankara has developed rapidly. There has been a large migration of jobseekers from other Turkish cities or rural areas. The total population of the city by 2015 is about 5 million and 300,00.

Ankara has several well-known international universities and the language of instruction adopted in most of these universities is Turkish, but there are foreign teaching languages in some universities such as English at the Middle East Technical University.

Historical reports indicate that the origin of the ancient Ankara word is Ankura, a name given to it by its Phrygian rulers who flourished in their time (about 1,000 years BC), also known as Ankara, dating back to the time of Hittite civilization during the Bronze Age.

The city witnessed another major expansion by the Greeks, who came to it about 300 BC, where it formed a trade point for merchandise between the Black Sea, Anatolia, Levant, Persia and Armenia.

And took its place as the second capital of the Byzantine state in the late fourth century AD, when the resort of the summer emperors were fleeing from the freedom of Constantinople and wet.


Most of the inhabitants of Ankara work in the field of services. The city produces mohair made with Angora goat hair, angora wool production or Angora rabbit fur, and these products are exported to Europe because of the high demand in the European market.

Tourism is not a major source of economy in Ankara. However, various measures have recently been taken to encourage tourism and attract tourists to the city.


Ankara has many monuments, including the Corridor, the Roman Columns, the Roman Theater, the Ankara Historical Cathedral, the Temple of Rome, the hundreds of Ottoman mosques such as the Aladdin Mosque and Haji Perm Mosque, and more than 50 museums, including the Museum of Ethnicities, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Museum of the War of Independence.

Also known are the bronze and marble statues of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the opera house and modern shopping centers.

The city also houses Turkish sovereignty, including the presidential palace of Shan Qaya, where 11 Turkish presidents have been living since the Ataturk era, and the new presidential palace, Akar Saray (White Palace), which opened under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 2014. Government, prime minister’s office, various ministries, parliament, and many parks and public parks.

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