Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle  is one of the greatest examples of Islamic architecture

The first stage of construction began 1184 by General Izzidin Usama, nephew of Salahuddin AL Ayyoubi

who built it on a hill 1100 meters above sea level.

Located near the city center, the castle in Ajloun (Ajlun) can be easily reached by car.
The castle is not far from the Ajloun Nature Reserve and Jerash.

Between 1193 and 1218, during the times of AL Malek AL Adel

the second stage of construction was completed with enlargements by the castle governor Aybak Bin Abdullah.

He added and the seventh tower, which wraps around the southeast corner of the building.

Today’s Ajloun city center testifies to this early and progressive public space initiative.

An ancient eucalyptus tree venerated for its medicinal and aromatherapy properties marks the heart of central Ajloun.

The tree is ringed by the Ayyubid mosque, St.George church, ancient mausoleums , and the vegetable market.

Ajloun Castle Milestones

The khanqa of Sidi Bader:

served as place of religious and scientific teaching and scholarship of Sufism during the Ayyubid and Mamluk periods.

The khanqa building complex included a small mosque, areas for retreat and contemplation, a kitchen, an oven, a place for ablution and a bathroom.

Rural mosques and maqams of Ajloun:

There are several historic mosques and mausoleums in Ajloun were used as khanqas , places of religious learning, contemplation and scholarship.

The Prayer hall:

The mosque’s prayer hall is an interesting multi-level space.

The structure consists of a series of cross-vaults that create a spiritual space that is both quaint and sublime.

Eight stone columns provide structure support as well as refuge for worshippers.

Note that there is a useful explanation in English just inside the main gate, and a small museum containing pots, snatches of mosaics and some intriguing medieval hand grenades.

Apart from this, nothing else in the Ajloun Castle is signposted, although not much explanation is needed to bring the place to life

especially given that the views from these lofty heights are nothing short of spectacular.

Ajloun Castle The visitor center and ticket office is about 500m downhill from the castle entrance; there’s a small scale model of the castle on display here and, perhaps more usefully, clean toilets.

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