Burqush Forest, located 85 kms northwest of Amman the capital, in Ajloun Governorate
The area’s moderate climate and dense green cover attracts an increasing number of visitors, its near location to the Jordan Valley makes its weather moderate and suitable for picnicking activities
People start visiting Bergesh Forest in late March. However, the picnicking season continues until mid of October in that area
Bergesh Forest, where the green cover stands at 90 per cent, represents an integrated ecosystem that houses over 100 plant species — 13 per cent listed as rare, 4 per cent as locally or internationally threatened and 13 per cent as holding medicinal value, according to ecologists at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.
As a result of its hilly nature, many youth camps have been established in Bergesh to practice some physical activities like hiking, climbing, camping and other sport activities.
Archaeological and tourist sites in Bergesh.
Bergesh cave.
One of the most amazing archaeological caves in the world you will find in Bergesh, its interior geological structure indicates that it is a very old cave (millions of years old). It has only one entrance and several passages inside. Near to cave there is a winepress and two historical sculptured graves.
In that area, you can also find an oil press that was built in the Romanian era, and Jesus Christ cave.

Bergesh reserve

There is a natural reserve in Bergesh, where you can find several types of animals like ghazels and many wild animals. This reserve is considered a suitable place for hiking, its divided into three routes depending on its length   short, medium, and long route)


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