8 things to prepare travel bag

8 things to prepare travel bag

  8 things to prepare travel bag ,your  travel bag is the most important thing to keep in mind when you think  about traveling.

People are all waiting for annual leave to get rid of the pressures of work, duties and daily responsibilities between work and home.

Going to the tourist areas to spend the most enjoyable times is the best reward we offer.

Travelling sweeps away our souls and memories of the pressures of life.

We are writing this article” 8 things to prepare travel bag” to help you prepare your travel bag

to avoid exceeding the limit on the plane and not to take useless things

8 things to prepare travel bag ,all you have to do is:

Writing the most important things on paper:

Before you prepare your travel bag

we recommend that you write the most basic things you need while you travel so that you do not forget them

and even leave a prominent place in your bag you can easily access it, and do not forget to arrange the bag

before your departure to avoid forgetting the important things.

Mark the bag:

There are a lot of errors at the time of receipt of your travel bag and it is very inconvenient to lose or change them

and to save time searching for them, place a mark or a small card with your name on it.

Separate between pieces:

 In this case it is easy to use plastic bags with fasteners to store

save and classify objects in your travel bag and sorting them (separated related purposes) for easy access

and there is another benefit is to protect your objects from liquid materials such as perfume, soap and toothpaste

and avoid exposing your clothes to stains.

Making use of empty areas:

Take advantage of empty areas in your suitcase by filling them with small items such as accessories, rags and underwear.

Wrap clothes:

This is a smart way to make as much space as possible in your travel bag. The wrapping of the clothing protects it from wrinkles and also provides more space for storing the rest.

Measuring the bag size:

You must measure the weight of your travel bag after you have arranged it, before you go to travel

so that you do not have to drop some of your important objects at the airport or pay extra when you exceed the allowed weight.

At the end you have to put all the important things such as official papers, jewelry and money in the personal bag

because your travel bag is sometimes lost or changed, and we advise you in

8 things to prepare travel bag ,to take the important things

only and to dispense with these luxury things or replace them with other purposes less size and space.

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