4 reasons to visit Aqaba

4 reasons to visit Aqaba

4  reasons to visit Aqaba ,warm waters and vibrant coral reefs are the best in the Red Sea.

Add in a colorful history, fabulous cuisine and ancient treasures on your doorstep

and you really need to get there now.

4 reasons to visit Aqaba:

A stunning city, Aqaba, on Jordan’s southwest coast, is a place where beauty and beach life converge.

Step off the plane and you will feel yourself relax right away as the warm air and mellow atmosphere embrace you.

1: The diving

clear visibility and technicolor coral gardens. With its warm waters.

Aqaba has all the things that diving in the Red Sea.

Sure, its coastline is relatively short but it packs quite the punch – 25 sites, most inside a protected marine park and offering shallow coral gardens, pinnacles, deep canyons and shipwrecks.

The wreck diving is arguably the best on offer in the Red Sea.

The sea bed is home to unusual wrecks, including tanks, the most famous being the 75-metre Cedar Pride, a cargo .ship scuttled in the 1980s

 You can snorkel above in the company of dolphins and colorful tropical fish.

Check out the dive sites around Pharaoh’s Island, home to outstanding coral blooms and a famously incandescent underwater mountain nicknamed Picasso Reef.

2: The old town

A short walk from Aqaba’s busy waterfront, with its dive shops and dive boats and bustling restaurants, the city’s old town offers an intoxicating dose of old Arabia.

At its heart is the souq, a warren of covered stalls, handicraft stores and traditional cafes.

It is here you will also find the crumbling remains of the atmospheric Mamluk fort

built in the 14th century and the excellent Aqaba Archeological Museum.

After you sightseeing is done, take the time to enjoy a local brew at the Al Firdous Café.

As you sit amongst men in kaffiyehs smoking, sipping and gossiping, it is very easy to imagine what Aqaba was like hundreds of years ago.

3: The fabulous food

Jordan sits at the crossroads of the Levant and the ebb and flow of cultures that is seen in its architecture and heritage is also reflected in its fabulous cuisine.

It is delicious and diverse, a vibrant mix of Bedouin flavors and local takes on the region’s most iconic dishes.

Again, it is in the old town that you will find the best examples of Jordan’s culinary treasures.

Locals head to the area around Raghadan and Zahran streets

where old school restaurants serve mouthwatering mansaf, zarb and the best hommous you’ve ever tasted.

Syrian Palace on Raghadan Street is famous for its finely minced kebab. Nearby Al Tarboosh is the place to go for !the local sugar-hit of baklava.  Make sure you try the local specialty, sayadieh.

Made of freshly caught grouper, cooked in a special sauce of caramelized onions, spices, nuts and herbs.

There is much debate on who makes the best sayadieh in Aqaba, of course, but Captain’s on An-Nahdah Street gets the nod from most locals.

4: Bird Watching

It hasn’t just been conquering civilizations that have enjoyed a stopover in Aqaba.

4 reasons to visit Aqaba , the best place to watch birds on your visit is the bird sanctuary, in Al-Salam forest, out  run by towards the border with Israel.

Its shores are an important layover for the great bird migrations between Africa, Asia and Europe as well.

Indeed, it is here that you will find the greatest concentration of white-eyed gulls in the world.


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